Speech Language Pathology Education in Alabama

If you reside in Alabama and have chosen to pursue a career in speech pathology, you probably want to make yourself the most marketable job candidate possible. If this is indeed your objective, you should know that enrolling in a high quality education program is the key to realizing your goal. There are several learning institutions that you can enroll in within the state of Alabama, and this fact may make the process of finding the ideal school seem overwhelming. Yet the school selection process does not have to be complex and tedious. By simply referencing the outline that appears below, you can select the educational courses, degrees, and training programs that are most appropriate for you:

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  • Master of Health Administration

Find Accredited Speech Language Pathology Education in Alabama

If you’re interested in attaining a high quality education that will prepare you to work as a speech pathologist, be sure that you select a learning institution that has earned accreditation. Although the phrase “accreditation” is understood broadly, it typically incorporates a process in which a peer review board sets academic standards and evaluates whether a specific learning institution is operating in compliance with them. Thus accredited colleges will almost always offer superior, standardized coursework and educational settings. Since this is so, Alabama residents who are ready to jumpstart their careers with a great education should narrow their selection process to learning facilities that are accredited. Doing so is as simple as conducting an internet search with a key phrase like “Find Accredited Speech Pathology Programs in Alabama.”

Speech Language Pathology Certification in Alabama

speech pathology image1If you want to work as a speech pathologist in Alabama, you must conform to the state’s licensure requirements. These requirements are primarily educational and incorporate obtaining a master’s degree by a board approved institution as well as passing a national exam (or equivalency exam). You will also need to complete a clinical practicum approved by the board, and this work must be supervised. Additionally, you’ll be required to complete professional postgraduate work that lasts nine months.

Salaries for Speech Language Pathology Jobs in Alabama

Alabama residents who have chosen to pursue work as speech pathologists should note that they will typically bring home about $83,000 each year.

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