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Speech Language Pathology Education in Baltimore, MD

Speech therapists, also referred to as speech-language pathologists, help patients with disorders and illnesses related to communication, language and swallowing. These medical issues can affect patients who have a variety of disorders. Speech therapists help those patients regain the ability to communicate and have the ability to use their throat. In Baltimore, becoming a speech […]

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Speech Language Pathology Education in Washington

Washington residents who know that a career in speech pathology would be ideal for them should get started by attaining a high quality, contemporary education. By attaining extensive education and experience in the dynamic and perpetually evolving field of speech pathology, Washington residents will be prepared to enter the world of work and positively contribute […]

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Speech Language Pathology Education in New Jersey

Speech pathology education can lead to a rewarding career. A career in this health care field requires a master’s degree in speech-language pathology, credentials and a license to practice in New Jersey. Speech pathologists work with patients that require assistance in speech, language and the inability to swallow properly. They diagnose and treat speech impediments, […]

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