Speech Language Pathology Education in Chicago, IL

These days, more and more Chicago, IL residents have decided that a career in speech pathology is ideal for them. If you’ve come to this conclusion, it’s time for you to earn an excellent education so you can become competitive in the job market. In order to make a personally advantageous and professionally profitable decision regarding which school to attend, review the following advice and information:

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Find Accredited Speech Language Pathology Education in Chicago, IL

speech pathology image1Chicago, IL residents who want to get the best education available should be sure that the learning institution they enroll in is accredited. Accreditation is clear proof that an educational facility is offering training programs and classes that conform to official academic rules and regulations outlined by a governing body. In the event that you do not enroll in an accredited learning institution, you cannot be thoroughly confident that the school will offer current, high quality courses. In recognizing these simple truths, you can move forward with confidence and understanding in your search process. To get going, use a basic key phrase like “Locate Accredited Speech Pathology Programs in Chicago, IL.” You’ll then be taken to a screen that displays several hyperlinks you can click to learn more about various individual institutions. As you start doing your research, consider things like what type of campus culture you’d like to be a part of as well as if there will be any financial aid available to you.

Speech Language Pathology Certification in Chicago, IL

To obtain your license to work as a speech pathologist in Chicago, IL, be sure that you follow the guidelines that appear below:
-Earn a Master’s from a Department-approved program
-Pass the designated exam (from Praxis)
-Complete 9 months of supervised experience. You also have the option of obtaining an ABA certification or CCCs

Salaries for Speech Language Pathology Jobs in Chicago, IL

Individuals who are ready to start working as speech pathologists in Chicago, IL will typically bring home $99,000 each year. Be aware that numerous factors can impact your annual income. Some of the factors are your job performance, the state of the economy, whether you participate in ongoing educational classes, and who your employer is.

List of Speech Language Pathology Programs in Chicago, IL

There are two speech pathology schools that you can enroll in within the Chicago, IL area. They include:
Saint Xavier University
Rush University