Speech Language Pathology Education in Mesa, AZ

If you live in Mesa, AZ and have realized that you’re passionate about the speech pathology industry, it may be time for you to start developing a career in this field of work. To put this important process in motion, you’ll need to invest time in finding the ideal school from which to attain an education. There are numerous things you’ll need to consider carefully in order to optimize the school selection process, and some of those factors include whether the learning institution’s prices are affordable as well as whether a school is accredited. By reading the short outline that appears below, you can get clear answers and information that will help you enhance your search for the ideal school:

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  • BS: Respiratory Therapy (RRT to BSRT)

Find Accredited Speech Language Pathology Colleges in Mesa, AZ

Once you’re certain that you want to pursue a career in speech pathology, it’s critically important that you start researching various schools you can attend. Although you will likely have your own specific criteria in mind, one thing you’ll want to be particularly cognizant of is accreditation. Accreditation is a sign which indicates that a learning facility is operating in agreement with important academic standards which ensure that the education you receive is contemporary and relevant to the work world. Once you locate an accredited school via online search or traditional search, you can start carefully analyzing important factors like scholarship opportunities, tuition and activity fees, projected date of graduation, length of coursework, campus activities, etc.)

speech pathology image1Speech Language Pathology Certification in Mesa, AZ

Mesa, AZ residents who are ready to work as speech pathologists must first comply with the state’s rules and regulations for licensure:
1. Master’s degree
2. Clinical practicum (must be supervised)
3. Professional experience following graduation (must be approved by a director)
4. Pass the exam
5. Provide statement for immigration status
6. Provide statement for citizenship
7. Cannot have had your license suspended or revoked within the last two years

Salaries for Speech Language Pathology Jobs in Mesa, AZ

Mesa, AZ residents who want to work as speech pathologists will likely want to know how much they can expect to make. According to Indeed.com, speech pathologists who work in Mesa, AZ bring home an average annual salary of $70,000.

List of Speech Language Pathology Programs in Mesa, AZ

Although there is not a speech pathology college in Mesa, AZ that you can attend, there are several learning institutions in surrounding areas that you may be interested in. Some of them include:
University of Arizona
Northern Arizona University
Prescott College
Estrella Mountain Community College