Speech Language Pathology Education in Portland, OR

Portland, OR residents who are ready to work as speech pathologists should note that an absolutely amazing career lies ahead. To be sure that you can truly excel in your chosen field of work, it’s important that you build a strong base of knowledge by attaining a high quality education. In so doing, you’ll be a competitive job candidate and work with confidence after you attain the job you want. To learn more about how to select the ideal school, please review the following guidelines:

List of Elite Programs in Portland,OR

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  • Master of Health Administration

Find Accredited Speech Language Pathology Education in Portland, OR

Accreditation is a process that involves a learning institution being critically evaluated by an official body. The evaluation process entails understanding regarding whether the learning institution in question is conforming to academic guidelines. It’s quite important that you confine your search for the ideal Oregon speech pathology college to institutions that are accredited. In so doing, you can be sure that you’re attaining the detail-oriented, standardized education that will prepare you to work in the real world. As you begin your search for the ideal accredited educational institution, be sure that you keep in mind the online learning options available to you. There are a wide range of learning institutions that offer exceptional courses and classes that will increase your knowledge of the speech pathology sector. In many cases, these online courses are cheaper than the ones you would have taken via the traditional, physical classroom. Whether you choose an online or offline learning platform, it’s a good idea to connect with a school administrator so you can ask questions regarding their speech pathology training. In getting detailed answers to your questions, you’ll be able to make the best decision possible.

speech pathology image1Speech Pathologist Certification in Portland, OR

If you live in Portland, OR and want to become a speech pathologist, be sure that you’re aware of the licensing guidelines outlined by the state:
1. Obtain a master’s degree
2. Complete a practicum totaling 400 clock hours
3. Clinical experience totaling 1260 hours
4. Take and pass the praxis exam

Salaries for Speech Language Pathology Jobs in Portland, OR

Portland, OH residents who are ready to become speech pathologists should note that they can earn about $80,000 annually.

List of Speech Language Pathology Programs in Oregon

There are two speech pathologist programs in Oregon that you can enroll in. They include:
University of Oregon
Portland State University