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Individuals who live in Vermont and know that they want to pursue careers in the speech pathology sector should know that the journey to vocational success begins with the attainment of an excellent education. There are a plethora of distinct educational programs, certifications, and degree courses that Vermont students can opt to enroll in. Getting basic information regarding your options and how to make the most personally advantageous decision is a good idea. To get started in the school selection process, review the following outline:


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Find Accredited Speech Language Pathology Education in Vermont

speech pathology image1Locating an accredited speech pathology college is the first step towards the development of an absolutely amazing career in this dynamic center. Accreditation is important for numerous reasons, including the fact that it is proof that your learning institution is offering standardized courses that conform to regional, state, and/or national guidelines. Additionally, your prospective employers will almost always favor applicants who have attended accredited schools over those who have not. With all this in mind, be sure that your search for the perfect Vermont-based speech pathology school includes only those learning institutions that are accredited. To get this process on the road, you can use a keyword search phrase like “Find Accredited Speech Pathology Schools In Vermont” into the search field. Once you begin researching individual websites, be sure that you’re looking for key information such as the cost to apply, tuition rates, scholarship opportunities, and the on-campus activities that will be available to you.

Speech Language Pathology Certification in Vermont

Vermont residents who are ready to work as speech pathologists within the state should know that they must comply with various licensing requirements. One of the first requirements is that Vermont students obtain a master’s degree from an institution that has been approved by the ABA or ASHA. You must also successfully complete a clinical practicum under supervision. Additionally, you need to complete the outlined professional training following graduation, with the content and length of the work conforming to standards administered by ABA or ASHA. Another requirement you must meet is to obtain a passing score on the Praxis II exam (or another board approved exam). You may also opt to obtain ABA, CCCs, or ASHA certification instead of taking the exam.

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Salaries for Speech Language Pathology Jobs in Vermont

Vermont residents who work as speech pathologists will typically garner $73,000 annually.

List of Speech Language Pathology Programs in Vermont

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